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UK Customs Agency

We can clear your goods through all UK ports and airports.

  • UK Import and Export customs declarations

  • Duty and VAT calculations

  • Transit declarations using our T1 guarantee

  • IPAFFS declarations

  • Customs simplifications such as

    • AEOx

    • Inward or Outward processing

    • Customs warehousing at your premises

  • Bill-of-Discharge completion

  • Customs Advice and Training​

  • Rules of Origin Advice

How we help


Save time by engaging us to complete your declarations.

Customs is knowledge- and rules-based.  If that knowledge is not core to your business then let us complete them for you.

Customs Simplifications

HMRC offer a suite of capabilities that allow duty and tax to be avoided but you have to apply for them.

Avoiding tax on goods returned for repair, delaying tax on goods received from abroad and paying less tax on goods exported for repair is all possible.

We help you set this up.

If you've started and need help with business processes, we can write those for you.



We offer training and consultancy.  We're ready to discuss your problems and find solutions that suit your business.

For courses customised to your scenario or general training, call us now.

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