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Customs Simplifications

Making it easy ?

Customs Simplifications are simple to apply for but difficult to achieve.  Your business needs to be well documented.

We help you document your processes and demonstrate that you qualify for the simplification.

What are they ?

Customs Warehousing

Suspend import duty and VAT  while goods are stored in the UK.

Outward Processing

Pay duty and VAT on only the cost of changes + transport when goods are re-imported

Returned Goods Relief

Avoid duty and VAT when the same goods are re-imported into the UK.


Reduce the amount that you need to provide as a customs guarantee.  Reduce the checks made on your goods at the border.

Customs Guarantee

Guarantee to HMRC that you can pay duty + VAT if the rules of the simplication are broken


We can help with simplifications

Inward and Outward processing example

Digital World Map

Export for repair

Import, paying duty on only the cost of repair

Import duty & VAT free


1. Export for repair

Export your item and mark it for repair.

2. Reimport after repair

Re-import the item after repair and pay duty only on the cost of repair.

3. Import duty free

Import the item for repair and do not pay duty or VAT.

Commit to HMRC that goods will not be resold without paying duty.

4. Export after repair

Export the goods after repair.

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