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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I export my household goods from the UK ?
    It's fairly straightfoward: Create a packing list. There's no need to describe each item in detail, just provide a rough description (e.g. 'box of clothes', 'bag of toys'), the itemweight and rough value Provide us with the packing list Tell us which country you're exporting to. If you can't reach it directly from the UK then you need 'transit' documentation. Give us your name & address and destination name & address We'll create an export declaration, transit documentation (if necessary) and email them all to you. Find invoices for all goods to prove that you've owned them for more than 6 months and submit them with your import declaration and country 'Transfer of Residence' form (if applicable)
  • Where are the Inland Border Facilities
    Holyhead (For satellite navigation use: 53.292313, -4.615258) Warrington (WA4 4SR) Birmingham (Bham airport, Building 9, Carpark 6 B26 3QY) North Weald (CM16 6AR) Ebbsfleet (DA10 1EB, For satellite navigation use: 51.439219, 0.31647126) Sevington (TN25 6GE, For satellite navigation use: 51.132138, 0.914994)
  • Do I need transit documentation ?
    If you can travel to the destination country directly from the UK (e.g. France, Belgium, EIRE) then transit documentation is not necessary.
  • How do I temporarily export something for repair ?
    The Outward Processing procedure allows goods to be temporarily exported from GB, undergo processing outside the UK and re-imported. When the goods are re-imported the VAT+duty are a percentage of the repair cost, not the full cost of the item. If the export is not for repair then OPR needs to be set up with HMRC beforehand. You must be able to uniquely identify (e.g. serial numbers, VIN numbers) the items being exported under Outward Processing. If the goods are to be re-imported at different times then ensure that an INF2 form is completed at export time.
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