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Contact us now to clear your goods through UK Customs. 

  • 24x7 operations

  • EAD, T1, import  papers provided

  • EXS and ENS included

customs consultancy and agent

Cratle Customs provides answers for complex customs questions.  We clear goods through all UK ports.

Packaging Factory

customs declarations

We provide an automated service for UK customs declarations.  Electronically linked to all UK ports, we can clear all imports and exports from the UK.

If you're confused about why you've been charged import duty or VAT or payment demands change with each freight forwarder then appointing us as your sole agent for import declarations gives you one company to talk to.

customs facilitations

If you import goods and then export them again (or vice-versa) then there's a way to avoid paying duty and / or VAT twice.  If you import to repair goods or to process them before re-exporting them then we can help set that up with HMRC.

If your business has found itself paying additional duty because of the 'Returned Goods' rule in the UK / EU FTA then contact us to see whether we can help.

compliance audits

Confirmation that your organisation is complying with import and export legislation provides peace-of-mind.  After reviewing your documentation and processes, we suggest any necessary updates to both.  We can also make process updates and recover missing documentation.

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